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BETTER PROTEINExpect more from your protein. Feel good about 18 grams organic plant-based protein with 1500 mg mushroom and adaptogens in a creamy real peanut protein, without fillers or artificial flavors.
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    Sustained energy and satiation
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    Relief of mild stress and relaxation
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    Immune health
Tasting NotesDelicious peanut butter protein
Caffeine levelCaffeine Free
UsageBlend in a smoothie or shake with water or milk. You can even bake with (hello protein pancakes) or stir into yogurt.
Organic plant-based protein,
Organic plant-based protein

Organic plant-based protein blend (18 g protein). We combined five pure plant-based proteins (hemp, pumpkin, chia, coconut and pea), so you can have it all in just one scoop. That’s what makes this the #1 mushroom protein.

Organic lion’s mane mushroom,
Organic lion’s mane mushroom

Organic log-grown lion’s mane fruiting body extract (200 mg). Fierce like its name, lion’s mane has so many benefits, mainly keeping you focused and energized. We extract our lion’s mane from log-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers, grains or carriers.

Organic reishi mushroom,
Organic reishi mushroom

Organic log-grown reishi fruiting body extract (200 mg). A.K.A. Queen of mushrooms. But don’t worry, no royal status needed to enjoy the benefits of this stress-supporting super mushroom. (Royalty doesn’t believe in filler grains).

Organic cordyceps mushroom,
Organic cordyceps mushroom

Organic cordyceps fruiting body extract (200 mg). These mighty mushrooms are known for their support of energy and endurance. Our cordyceps are vegan and organically grown with no mycelium or filler grains to ensure the highest level of quality.

Organic chaga mushroom,
Organic chaga mushroom

Organic wildcrafted chaga extract (200 mg). Chaga is an immune system and antioxidant superhero. We extract the real chaga from birch trees (no mycelium, fillers or grains here) to unlock the best of the best benefits.

Organic turkey tail mushroom,
Organic turkey tail mushroom

Organic log-grown turkey tail fruiting body extract (200 mg). This mighty wood-grown mushroom has prebiotics and research to support smooth digestion, one sip at a time. We extract our turkey tail from log-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers, grains or carriers.

Organic ashwagandha,
Organic ashwagandha

Organic ashwagandha extract (250 mg). This ancient Ayurvedic herb has so many benefits, supporting so many conditions, we can’t fit them all on this page. We love the extracted root for its stress and fatigue supporting properties.

Organic eleuthero,
Organic eleuthero

Organic eleuthero extract (250 mg). Known as Siberian ginseng for its support of endurance and stamina, this adaptogenic root is a favorite of ours to keep you going all day long.

Real organic peanut flour
Real organic peanut flour

No artificial flavors or sweeteners here. Just USA-grown peanuts to give your favorite smoothies that nutty flavor you love.

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Sustained energy and satiation

Relief of mild stress and relaxation

Immune health

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Find your calm with a carefully curated blend of powerful adaptogen extracts (1500 mg to be exact!) to help you de-stress.
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Sustained energy and satiation

Stay full and energized with this plant-based protein. This protein blend packs a nourishing punch so you can take on anything today throws your way, without hanger.

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Frequently Asked
What should I blend this with?
We love a classic peanut butter cup smoothie (milk, frozen banana, 1 scoop Peanut Butter, 1 scoop Creamy Cacao Organic Plant-based Protein and maybe even a scoop of Focus Blend). Or try a PB&J smoothie with frozen strawberries and milk plus 1 scoop of Peanut Butter Organic Plant-based Protein.
Can I bake with this protein powder?
Absolutely. We love adding it to brownies and chocolate muffins.
Is this tested for toxins?
Yes, every batch is tested in 3rd party labs for heavy metals, mycotoxins, mold, yeast and pesticides.
Does this have whey in it?
No whey! Just plant-based organic protein blend.
Why Four Sigmatic?
We infuse functional mushrooms into everyday products you love, to enrich your mind and your well-being. Think lion’s mane for focus, cordyceps for energy, or reishi for a sense of calm. Our brews, blends, and powders get you in a good headspace so you can focus on what matters most. We're committed to always giving you delicious, quality organic ingredients (no filler grains, no mycelium!) so you see results in as little as seven days, at a great value. But don't just take our word for it. Read one of the 40,000+ reviews!
Are these magic mushrooms?
Some people may call the way they make you feel magic, but these are not psychedelic mushrooms.
Does this taste like mushrooms?
Nope. It tastes peanut butter!
Product Quality
VegaOrgainGarden of LifeFour Sigmatic
Benefit supporting mushrooms from fruiting bodies
100% organic certified
Tested for heavy metals
No gums or fillers
Grain free
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